Is Facebook taking over our lives?

14 Mar

facebook like

Log in.  Check notifications, poke everybody back, go to homepage- do the happy birthday ritual. Go back to home page, change from top news to most recent have a scroll down. Like a couple of pages. Have a good look through friends photos. (Don’t lie we’re all guilty of it!) Repeat this process every few hours, occasional changes such as messages and notifications may occur!


Statistics show that a shocking 57% of people using social networking sites talk to more people online than in real life. People are spending more time at home on Facebook, seeing what is going on around them rather than actually getting up and doing something productive with their day. I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Facebook is without a shadow of a doubt taking over my life, I am, however, powerless to stop it… I am a Facebookaholic, an addict! I am obsessed!!  The days of going out to meet friends are gone!  The general consensus is why go out to meet them when I can look through their photos & chat to them from the comfort of my own home?

So why do we love Facebook so much? Personally I think its because it makes everybody so much more accessible. I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family, both at home and abroad, for free. I also use it to plan my social diary, it keeps me updated on upcoming events that I may be interested in or have been invited to. I even use it to keep up-to date with college work and assignments. Almost every course in our college has its own class page where we all post and share  information & questions with each other. Honestly, I don’t think there is an aspect of my life which Facebook is not of any relevance. Now that’s a scary thought!

As far as I’m concerned the Facebook phenonomen is here to stay, its simply too big to disappear, with over 900 million active users worldwide! Facebook has taken over our lives but whether this is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen I think.

Take this quiz to see how addicted you are to the social network.

I would blog for longer but I must respond to some messages on Facebook! ADDICTED!

Until next time, adios! 

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